Sunday, June 23, 2013

The start - this time.

This is not my first blogging rodeo.

I had knitting blog for a long time.  I enjoyed it and kept it up until our lives had some upheaval back in 2006.  It petered out and was deleted by the hosting company.  I stopped knitting about the same time, so it seemed like a natural conclusion.

I started this one for a couple of reasons. First, I jumped into Google+ yesterday again, hoping to cultivate some more genealogy knowledge.  I've been a Facebook user for awhile, but I don't have any genealogy contacts there at all, other than a New York Genealogy page I follow and contribute to.  Google+ seems more conducive to what I am looking for.  Sadly, I have not yet found a New York Genealogy community.

Second, I started this blog because I have been doing some research I think is very exciting and I wanted a forum to share my methods.  I could post my experience directly to Google+, but I have a tendency to be verbose so this way it makes things a little easier for people to ignore me.


I was born in Rochester, New York.  My father's maternal grandparents were immigrants from Belgium (Maldegem, Oost-Vlanderen) and his paternal great-grandparents (both sets) were Dutch immigrants (Zeeland, specifically Zeeuwsvlaanderen).  My mother's family has been in the same two counties (Wayne and Cayuga) for generations.  I have not yet found her immigrant ancestors.

My earliest genealogical memory is a family tree I had to prepare for 6th grade history class:
I was a little unclear on maiden names.

I wasn't close to any of my grandparents.  We moved to Texas when I was nine and we had very little contact with them.  Nevertheless, I have dabbled on and off with genealogy since that first chart.  I did have the opportunity to visit with my maternal grandmother in 1996 and got some fantastic photographs and information at that time.  I also got to visit with my paternal grandfather a couple of times before he passed away in 2011 and got some photos and information from him.  I am very lucky in that regard.

My daughter had a family tree project in the 4th grade at her school.  If you have read this far, you probably know it was really my project:
We made an A+

Since that time, the leaves on my side of the tree (right) look my fluffier, although I still haven't found any Revolutionary War ancestors, they must be there.

Here we go!  Next stop: Belgian archives.

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