Monday, January 27, 2014

Number 49 - Barry Bostwick

Yes, this Barry Bostwick:
Rocky Horror Picture Show Credits (Barry Bostwick as Brad Majors)
Ahh, Rocky Horror Picture Show...I won't tell how many times I have seen this movie.

A couple of weekends ago, had a free weekend of access.  I didn't have a lot of time to play with it, but I plugged in a few of my more bashful ancestors to see what it might come up with.  I plugged in my 4th great grandfather, Jacob Quackenbush (1769-1818) and one of the suggestions was "The Ancestry of John Howard Camp"  Now, this page is enormous, and hasn't been updated in at least three years, but there was an interesting tidbit on it:
Jacob Quackenbush, Jr. and Ann are my 4th great grandparents!  I am descended from Isaac's brother Abram, but that's my guy.  I did a bit of creeping around at and found enough public trees to get me from Barry back to Susan Quackenbush, who is in my tree already.  

I don't really care all that much about connecting to famous people, but it is very funny that if I should be related to a famous person, it would be someone like this.  By my calculations, this makes us third cousins, once removed, actually pretty close, for random people.

What I do find interesting is the fact that there are parents and grandparents listed for Jacob Jr.  He is a dead end on my tree and I'd love to find more information on him.  Here is a new name to try and find and connect to.

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